Why aren't some people who are constantly learning successful

Why do some people who are constantly learning not become successful?

The main reason is that knowledge itself is not a form of personal development. Development is knowledge + “shovel”. By “shovel” here we mean the introduction of the acquired knowledge into practice.

There is a category of people who are constantly learning. And preferably from experts who have been promoted. And here is the first training, the second, the third … When this category of students comes to us, I always ask the question: “When will you start to apply in practice the knowledge obtained? And very often I hear the answer, then I will pass one more training, then … And of course in the process of training (course, training, coaching sessions) you direct the participant to the need to use, implement the knowledge in life immediately after the training, in the moment here and now.

If receiving knowledge, your life does not change for the better – this is an indicator that you are not developing! You just get the knowledge, but you don’t apply it in your life! There is no need to reassure yourself that “I will do it later. As a rule, “then” does not come. Which is paradoxical because a person believes that the knowledge they have received does not work! Although he only got the knowledge, but did not unpack it.

Let’s look at a vivid example. A man got sick. What is he doing? He goes to the doctor, he writes him a prescription. Then the patient goes to the pharmacy, buys the medicine. He comes home, puts the medicine on the shelf and thinks that the fact of buying it will allow him to recover. But it’s not! If he doesn’t use the medicine, he won’t get better. It is necessary to drink it as prescribed by the doctor and as written in the annotation, and then some more time for prevention!

Why aren't some people who are constantly learning successful

That’s how it is with knowledge! Without practical application, they are useless!!! It is necessary to implement the new things you have learned! And only then will success be ensured!!!

In today’s world, the criterion of human development is the reality around him. It is an identifier of how and to what extent knowledge has been transformed into skills.

Look around you. Ask yourself some good coaching questions:

Who and what surrounds me.
What has changed for the better in the last year (two, five years).
Am I happy with what I have at this point in time? (you can "push" the next question - how satisfied on a scale from 0 to 10?).
If satisfied - what helped me to get these results.
If not quite satisfied - what do I need to do to improve the available results. 

If you see positive qualitative changes in your life – this is the result of the formula “knowledge + shovel” (immediate introduction of knowledge into the practice of life), and a reminder for that! If there are no qualitative changes, maybe it’s time to think about it…?

Today to know a lot and not to have results is a sign of bad tone, and what is better not to talk about and not to show to others. It is better to know a little less then, but to have concrete results in little.

We have to stop stuffing our heads with information with nothing to do. Information with no practical application is a dump of shovels that don’t dig.

Stop collecting shovels, start digging at least one of them!!! Dig!!! Time like sand… Success!!!

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