The article tells about how parents need to instill hard work in children of three to seven years of age and how many pounds in a ton.

No one, except parasites, can live without labor. Whether it is work in a factory or factory, housekeeping or raising children, discoveries in the field of microbiology or space flights – everywhere a person works, creates material and spiritual benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to accustom the child to this process from early childhood.

Note that work for a child is not at all the same as for an adult. The latter, through his work, benefits society, earns a living. The child, on the other hand, works because he is interested in it, and also because this process is almost like a game for him. An adult must take this fact into account when instilling hard work in his child.

What can children do.
3 years.
The first type of labor that a baby deals with is self-service and months of the year. An adult teaches a child to dress independently, undress, wash hands and face, use a handkerchief. All this happens gradually, the actions become more complicated as the baby grows.

A three-year-old child really wants to help adults, but he still does not understand the essence and purpose of the work performed. Therefore, he can take a broom and raise dust in the room, pull out cultivated plants along with weeds, pour out the entire box of food for aquarium fish, and so on. In such cases, an adult must come to the rescue, explain to the little worker what is what.

Children of this age also need to be taught to clean up toys after themselves, wipe dust from the wide leaves of indoor plants, feed the fish (but not all the food in the pack) and other pets.

4-5 years old.
Children four to five years old can be asked to help set the table. Hot food and dangerous appliances such as a fork and knife should not be given to children for distribution. For them, a feasible job – to lay out spoons, napkins, put a bread basket.

Under the supervision of an adult, a child can wash toys, wipe off dust, wash napkins, small towels or doll dresses under the tap, glue a book, take care of indoor plants, read cause and effect meaning.

6-7 years old.

Children aged six to seven years are able to provide all possible assistance to adults in cleaning the apartment, in the country (participate in planting vegetables and flowers, weed weeds, pick berries for harvesting), together with their parents, prepare simple meals.

We introduce children to the work of adults.
It is no less important for the education of industriousness to acquaint the child with the work of adults. This means both home and work. Let the child watch how dad turns on the light bulb, how mom ironing clothes, how the street cleaner cleans the street and the like.

There are special games, cards, manuals with which you can acquaint your child with the professions of adults. First of all, one should choose specialties that are understandable for the child: doctor, educator, teacher, conductor, builder, driver, cook, baker.

However, if it is possible to tell the kid about representatives of such professions as a manager, a merchandiser, a service administrator, a developer, a marketer, etc., there will not be much harm.

It’s just that in the first case, the process and the result of the activity is much easier for the baby to perceive than, say, the statistics of the increase in sales.