We are used to hearing

No, we will not talk about joking festive diplomas, which decorate with their originality anniversaries and other celebrations. We will talk about the real diplomas – but not about the so-called “crusts”, testifying the presence of higher education in a particular specialty, but about diploma projects.

Documents, which are what are verbs called diplomas, are unified. All bachelors, specialists, and masters receive a standard certificate for their degree. Strict standards have been developed that regulate what a graduate with a degree should know and be able to do and what the diploma should say about it. But diploma projects in some specialties strike the imagination of the uninitiated.

We are used to hearing the phrase “to write a diploma”, even “to write a diploma to order” – it concerns works for humanitarian specialties. Sometimes there are people who are sure that the diploma should be “drawn” – these are specialists-technicians, they have more drawings in their projects than verbal descriptions.

But graduation work is not only about writing and drawing! Diploma projects can be very interesting, especially if they are creations of graduates of creative specialties. There are no comparative analyses, and the works of famous researchers are rarely used – each such project must show a unique or, as it is fashionable to say now, “creative” thinking of a graduate.

We are used to hearing

Moreover, if we are talking about representatives of creative professions, we mean not only the bohemian – graduates of literary, art or theater universities. Creativity is inherent in many familiar to the inhabitants of the professions. Take, for example, the cooks, which in each city dozens and hundreds. Any of them are prepared for work not only in the canteen, but also in the restaurant – so the diploma project of graduates of culinary colleges, universities or faculties must be tasty, original and beautiful. And also there should be a lot of this diploma – so that the admissions committee could be sure that the graduate can work not only in the home kitchen, but also in the production, where a variety of dishes are cooked in large quantities.

Students of theater and circus universities, as well as dance schools, of course, show their diploma work on stage. And future perfumers create unique fragrances.

There was a time when the protection of diploma projects remained only in the memory of commission members and graduates themselves. Now the process is often recorded on video. And for some professions, video recording is a necessity. And we are not talking about cameramen, although for them it is also relevant, but about TV presenters. Yes, this is also taught in universities, and during the defense of the graduate specialty “Announcer and TV presenter” presents a video assembly with pieces of programs in different genres, where he demonstrates his talents as a presenter. The commission can evaluate not only what the student himself looks like in pairs and examinations, but also how he will look on the screen, whether he knows how to fit the style and genre of the program.

And since there are a lot of unique professions, it is impossible to work out math games for 1st grade a single standard of requirements for diploma works: each university has its own concepts of standards for the diploma work, so you should only focus on the methodological recommendations of a particular graduating department.

And let your “crust” be supported by a diploma project, which will be remembered by everyone for a long time, and your knowledge and skills will allow you to become a real professional in your field! Good luck!