To begin with, it is worth realizing that the development of mathematical thinking is not entirely identical to learning arithmetic and That is, the ability to count, add and subtract is not at all considered proof of the full intellectual development of the baby. Especially if the preschooler memorized everything mechanically.

The indicator is the ability to think logically, to delve into the essence and analyze the information received. Guided by these mental operations, the child perceives the task as a construction consisting of mini-blocks. He puts them in the correct sequence and clearly sees the shortest way to solve. And it does not matter what kind of task will be – preparation for a test or training camp. The mathematical mind in any situation will turn on the critical thinking mode and develop an error-free algorithm of actions. Fast, simple and concise.

These skills and are equally important for both the humanities and computing enthusiasts. Thanks to them, the guys learn to think rationally and draw their own conclusions, which is extremely important in the current informational time.

Benefits of Mathematical Thinking
Today it is difficult to find an area in which a trained mind would not be needed. Clarity of actions, understanding of cause-and-effect relationships are always in demand and highly valued by others. Such people rarely give in to difficulties, and they have alternative solutions in reserve. They see the obstacle as an impetus to action and the search for new opportunities.

The logical and mathematical thinking of preschoolers is reflected in play and practical activities. The spaceports from Lego built by a mathematician child impress with their thoughtfulness and wide functionality. He pleases with success in learning and touches educators with organization. It is safe to say that in the future, punctuality will be his characteristic feature, and the habit of analysis will protect against erroneous choices.

Mathematical methods have long gone beyond formulas and equations. They are guided in psychology, creativity, business. Every person needs to own them, because this is a guarantee of purposefulness and high self-esteem.