I think I will not be mistaken in saying that we all crave only one thing – happiness! But to overtake this joyful feeling is sometimes so difficult, isn’t it?

Once we all gain it, even for a while: we enjoy wonderful weather, a successful career, harmonious relationships and https://www.julianalucky.com/post/10-top-yoga-books-for-kids, it brings us joy when we go in for sports and lose weight when we have something interesting to do. It even happens that all these events happen to us at the same time, and then we feel just in seventh heaven with happiness … well, at least for a moment.

Happiness shouldn’t be temporary

And then the weather suddenly deteriorates, you start to gain weight again, you lose your job, part with your loved one, well, just a black streak in life. And when everything does not happen the way we wanted, when some external circumstances change, our happiness is quickly replaced by the directly opposite state.

And so we try to keep this pleasant feeling with all our hands and feet: we go on vacation to a place where the weather is better, buy ourselves something to raise our spirits, watch this shitty TV, just to distract ourselves somehow. It becomes extremely important for us what is new for this or that person on the page on the social network. This is how we swing on the waves of life, trying to stick to the desired shore. All this deeply lodges in our subconscious and prompts us to tirelessly compare ourselves with others and want something more. But this constant desire exhausts us day by day, it always seems to us that the current situation is not good enough and something else is not enough for happiness. This is how we get stuck in this eternal “want”.

Take control of the situation

In life, a lot of things do not depend on us: we cannot control other people, it is difficult to find a job that suits us in all respects, and the weather does not really make concessions. Ideal circumstances are often unattainable, and if attainable, they are changeable. And if we have chosen unattainable, changeable circumstances as the source of our happiness, then it will really remain something absolutely unattainable.

But the goal is not to create an ideal world around you, but to see the positive in the circumstances that we define as obstacles on the way, and then learn to accept changes, pain, discomfort, fear with gratitude, and go towards the unknown. After all, these are our best teachers in acceptance and humility in relation to what we cannot change.

The secret to happiness is meditation

As soon as you begin to understand that everything that you see and hear, what you fill your body with, who and what you surround yourself with, has a huge impact on your life, then you are ready to change something, and not just say about their problems. The practice of meditation really teaches us to cope with these states, to control the flow of negative thoughts, to be here and now. Meditation is, in a way, a path leading to patience and acceptance of what prevents us from living.

Agree that, being on the verge of nervous exhaustion from endless traffic jams or falling into a friend who was 15 minutes late, we only continue to drive ourselves into this chaos. Instead, we can work on how to prevent external circumstances from determining our happiness. There are a thousand things in life that cannot be changed, so it makes sense to learn the art of accepting and letting go. To experience that real happiness, even in imperfect conditions, you need to let go of the situation and return yourself to the moment.
We are already lucky to live the way we live, so let’s be grateful for that and try to change something for the better.