Childhood is a wonderful time when our mental faculties are especially active. Therefore, this is the best period for gaining new knowledge and and it is important not to miss it in vain. The program of additional education allows you to use the early years with maximum benefit for child development.

Of course, in kindergarten, they also deal with the education of the child, teaching children to read, creativity and preparing their hand for writing. But for an inquisitive child’s mind, much more additional useful and important knowledge and skills can be offered. The International School of Leadership for Youth offers to instill leadership skills in children from childhood and includes them in the program of additional education for preschool children and beyond.

What is taught in such a school?
The development of a training scheme depends on the age of the child. In additional education programs for children aged 3-4 years, the emphasis is on the creative component. These are the most playful techniques that allow you to keep children’s attention and develop non-standard thinking, memory and leadership qualities in an unobtrusive way.

In the program of additional education for children and 4-5 years old, the emphasis is largely on preparing for school. But in addition to the basic knowledge necessary for entering the first grade, at the International School of Leadership, at such a young age, they begin to demonstrate the basics of business education to children. After all, even 4-year-old children are quite capable of mastering entrepreneurial skills, learning to set goals and achieve them. Young students of the school are also taught English. During game lessons, children will not only significantly expand their vocabulary, but will also be able to feel the language, learn how to formulate sentences correctly, and, during field lessons, join the English-speaking culture. Another important aspect in the additional education of preschoolers is the development of their self-confidence and ease of communication with society. Indeed, sometimes going to school is stressful, not because the child still cannot read or write, but because it is difficult for him to build relationships with peers or teachers. Studying at the School of Leadership reduces this problem to nothing. Here children learn to understand each other, express their own opinions, defend their personal position, act according to the rules and find a compromise. After such preparation, school everyday life will no longer cause stress.

At an older age, the training program becomes even brighter and more original. How about tapping into the blogosphere through your video blog? Few places in additional education include the rules of conquering the YouTube network, shooting your own videos and additionally attracting viewers to your channel. Now your children’s leisure will become even more exciting, and public attention from an early age will not cause stress. After all, real leaders are not afraid of the public either at school or outside.