Here are some practical tips on how to behave with your child during the preschool stage and show to him multiplication games for 3rd grade.
Start following a daily routine. Going to school means waking up at the same time every day. And it’s better if, a few months before school, the child begins to get

Group of cute little prescool kids drawing with colorful pencils

used to going to bed on time (no later than 21-22 hours) and getting up on time (at 7-8 in the morning).
Conduct activities in a playful way. Remember, your main goal is to instill in your child an interest in acquiring new knowledge, teach him not to be afraid to make mistakes and find a common language with classmates. Therefore, do not sit all day with books – walk more, play, communicate! And you can play in between. For example, to train your memory, count birds while walking or pay attention to the colors of cars. At home, after a walk, ask the child how many white cars he has seen and which birds he especially remembers.
Talk more about science experiments for high school. The easiest way to develop speech is to talk more with your child. And not necessarily with “feedback” – just describe your actions, what and in what sequence you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re baking a cake or transplanting flowers. Simple situations will help develop the child’s speech, replenish his vocabulary and teach him to build cause-and-effect relationships. To form a positive attitude towards school in your child, often tell funny stories from your school life.