The optimal time for meditation and is in the morning. Many people find it difficult to overcome their laziness and make themselves get up early for at least half an hour to devote space to practice. But the well-known 21-day rule can be applied here. There is a theory that the formation of a habit lasts for 21 days. Therefore, it is enough to do the same action for 21 days, and it will become a habit. Don’t take your word for it – just try it, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. It should also be noted that for each person, “morning” is an extensible concept. Therefore it is necessary to specify: the earlier, the better. The most auspicious time for meditation is before sunrise. First, from a purely practical point of view: everyone is asleep in the morning and there are no noises (which is most important if you live in a city in an apartment building). Second, there is such notion as “Brahma-muhurta” – it is a time an hour and a half before sunrise; ancient texts describe this time as an ideal time for spiritual practices, and experience shows that meditation (and any spiritual practice) during Brahma-muhurta is several times more effective. It is better to start meditation immediately after awakening.

Before that, of course, it is advisable to perform all morning cleansing procedures and take a cold shower in order not to fall asleep during meditation, which happens quite often. After morning meditation you can perform pranayama or asanas: their effect will also increase, because any yogic practice is work with the mind in the first place, and if even during the physical practices the mind is in a calm and balanced state, the effect of these practices will be much higher. So, asana practice is transformed from a simple fitness to a real yoga practice.