It turns out that the finished mandala can be used as an object of meditation This will increase the effect of mandalotherapy several times and open up even more ways to solve your problem.

So, when the image is ready, start meditating on the mandala:

1. Place the mandala at eye level and create a calm atmosphere so that nothing distracts you from the process. You can turn on light music.

2. Relax. To do this, go through the whole body with attention, gradually relaxing all its parts. Breathe evenly. With each exhalation, imagine the tension leaving you. Hands are best positioned as if you were holding a ball of glowing pulsating energy.

3. When your body is relaxed, state your intention or purpose. Formulate what you want in a positive way, for example:

I find the optimal solution to the problem;
I’m happy;
The energy of money flows through me easily;
I am at peace;
I am well.
Choose one statement to meditate on and focus on it.

4. Now defocus your eyes and look at the mandala. Keep watching for a while. Be prepared for the fact that various visual effects may occur during contemplation. Their appearance signals that you are moving into another state of consciousness and starting an amazing journey into the world of your mandala.

5. Start looking at the center of your mandala. Concentrating on this part of the drawing will help you return to your true Self, find peace and harmony.

6. The most important thing in working with a mandala is the ability to stop the internal dialogue. The moment this happens, a new reality will open up and you will be able to enter the “mandala state”. This will give you the opportunity to gain insights and insights regarding your problem.

7. Pay close attention to what is going on in your mind. Perhaps some images will appear or thoughts will come regarding your situation. You can see colors, some deities and other unusual signs. All this suggests that you are on the right path and are entering a state where opposites are integrated, the laws of the universe change and inner insights come.