How to understand yourself  is gre hard

“To know yourself means to understand that you can never be anything other than what you are. It is the awareness of your own individuality, the awareness of the absolute invulnerability and unquestionability of your “Ego”. And so it will be when you realize that your inner “Ego” is indestructible, that it has always been, is and will remain the same, that it cannot be killed or replaced with a new one. Your “Self” forces you to be yourself in all circumstances of life.” (C.G.Jung)

Whoever has tried to understand himself understands that this is a complicated process. It’d seem like who knows you, but not you. But, alas, not always. In addition, a number of words and actions create an image of a completely different person than the one we feel. The characteristics that people around us give us make even more confusion in our attitude to ourselves.

Anxiety, incomprehensible sensations, something you want or are waiting for. It shows that a person needs change. Most often these feelings come after you have been forced to do something or some other unconscious self-limitation. This is a sign of destiny – a sign of necessity to make a choice on which the direction of life in the coming stage will depend.

Following someone else’s advice, taking someone else’s life principles as our own, we live someone else’s life. Dreaming in our souls about the beginning of our – happy life.

But if you do not take a turn on your path, you will collect other people’s remains, because everything useful and useful on it has already been collected by a traveler who passed by it.

Who told us this was the way to go? The soul? No. It screams to us: Don’t!!!, knocks and beats inside. Hence the state of inner unrest and anxiety. Vague, barely audible, as the number of doors locked in front of her increases.

Giving in to public morality, we often change our inner basic principles of life: deceit, take someone else’s, hurt (and sometimes kill) others. But you cannot fool yourself. Happiness cannot be with a persecuted soul. Preference of someone else’s will prevents self-realization. Career, recognition and external success are unlikely to bring us satisfaction if we reject our own desires. The farther from the needs of the soul, the greater the inner fear, the lower the self-confidence in the weaker possibility of self-realization.

Is gre hard. How not to give up?

How to understand yourself  is gre hard

Many people think that money and other material values will solve all soul problems and satisfy its needs. But are many people who received material wealth happy and free? It is doubtful. After all, every material level imposes its own prohibitions and restrictions. Besides, life isn’t that long in the middle of nowhere.

Why do we not like it when our country provides material, humanitarian, psychological help to other countries, when our population needs it much more? We resent that. We demand that attention be paid to the internal interests of the country. But the country is made up of us, who, under the influence of someone else’s opinion, live, in fact, for others, imprisoning themselves, their soul in a deaf prison. Okay, if we pay attention to its thin voice from time to time.

You have to be yourself and sacrifice that you are a stranger – your soul will repay with a feeling of happiness and confidence!

Soul experiences are different from selfish demands. The difference is that selfishness requires attention very persistently and categorically. unilaterally. Our ego is owed by everyone and everything. And the more ego, the more they must. I’d do it, but they have to do it first, or they still won’t understand, they won’t appreciate, they won’t… The soul asks unobtrusively and unconditionally. For no reason at all. The inner soul “I” does not contribute to the development of self-pity, the formulation of accusations to themselves and their environment. It is simply puzzlement or concern for something, which is precisely suppressed by negative thoughts born of our ego. Thought, contrary to the need of the soul, gives birth to nervous actions. Someone starts to eat everything. Someone else stops eating. Some people fight with their surroundings. And it usually comes to the closest ones, often those who are trying to help us hear their soul. Usually they live soulfully, which is very annoying to us. How so: they allow themselves to relax, even in the absence of material wealth, they buy themselves what they want, even if the environment does not like it, they allow themselves to love those they should not love (in our view). Is gre hard, but you will find a way.

Boredom is the creation of an ego in order to silence the needs of the soul. “Well, let the soul be lazy…

The needs of the soul do not give rise to the urge to argue. Well, that’s too bad. Sometimes it would be helpful. The argument is not from the soul, but from the mind.

And soul and thoughts are not the material component of a man, but they determine the direction of his life.

The signals of the soul and mind are born outside the human body. Scientists have already proven that.

It is very important to learn to listen not only to your thoughts, but also to the signals of your soul. You do not need to follow distractions or switch over. It will not help! Let yourself do exactly what your soul is whining about. For it is better to regret what you have done than to regret what you have not done, in this case. But first you must learn to distinguish between the signals of the soul or the ego. And that’s important.

Intuitive premonitions and soul signals come from somewhere in the stomach, stomach, heart. According to scientists, a man can’t live without premonitions. It turns out that by silencing our soul with thoughts, we shorten our lives. Find yourself, go online gre course.

Apathy, depression is accompanied by loss of interest in life, which is a direct road to self-destruction. So you can’t ignore your soul.

Every man has his own pace of life. Accelerating or slowing it down limits the aspirations of the soul. It violates the inner harmony.

Every person has his or her own trait of permissible load. No one is given tests that he would not be able to do.