To many, yoga seems to be something difficult, unattainable and unrealistic to repeat. But everyone understands that yoga classes require a conscious approach. This “discipline” does not tolerate fuss and irresponsibility. Because newbies ask a lot of questions. Chief among them: how often do beginners need to practice yoga in order to achieve results?

Actually something else is more important. You must first decide on the purpose of the practice, what results a particular person needs to achieve, and only after that develop a program, select exercises, and plan the frequency of practices.

Yoga is addressed mainly for the following:

relieve stress and learn to resist new ones;
solve existing health problems;
strengthen the body and increase emotional stability;
get pleasure and satisfaction from communication with like-minded people.
The main rule of yoga for beginners is systematic classes. Chaotic, one-time practices of harm, of course, will not bring harm, but they will definitely not allow you to feel the beneficial effect on the body. If you are in doubt about whether you need yoga lessons, you can go for a few trial classes. However, do not lose sight of the fact that the result will be only with a systematic approach.

There are situations when it is simply impossible due to workload to go to classes several times a week. Then you can attend classes less frequently, for example, on weekends, but in no case should you miss them. Of course, in this case, it will take more time to achieve the goal, plus there are additional risks that many people forget about. For example, choosing such a schedule of classes, some are trying to catch up and thereby overload the body, receiving more harm than good. If you calculate the load incorrectly, you can injure the muscles, the next one or two days will be spent on recovery, which in turn will bring a feeling of discomfort and depression.

With the right approach, the body will get used to yoga painlessly, and the desire to practice more often will gradually develop.

Frequency of classes for beginners
Classes for beginners are best done twice a week with a break between lessons of 2-3 days. The teacher of school will select the optimal load so as not to overload the muscles. A set of exercises will allow you to gradually increase the body’s capabilities, while the specified break will be enough for recovery. In no case should beginners practice yoga two days in a row and then take a long break! Load and rest should be evenly distributed.

Further, getting involved, you can revise the schedule and add an extra day for practice. Such a schedule will allow you to fully engage, strengthen your health, spirit and keep your body in shape. The teachers of the yoga center will select the optimal set of exercises and throughout the practice will adjust it depending on the progress made.

Is it possible to change the frequency of classes?
Gradually, the body’s capabilities increase, muscle flexibility increases, and the activity of internal organs improves. There is a desire to practice more often. This is a normal desire, there will be no harm to the body from daily activities. If the schedule for visiting group classes does not suit you, there is always the opportunity to sign up for individual yoga classes.