Understand yourself.
Determination of the human life path depends on a certain inner nature of man, which each has its own. In order to choose the right way of life, a man needs not only to know the world and find a place in it, but also to understand himself. However, a man faces a quite difficult task – how to understand himself?

Understanding oneself is the human being’s ability to easily determine the necessity and his own ability to perform external actions, such as various activities or relations with other people, as well as to accurately understand the processes taking place inside the human being. Sometimes the individual makes it difficult for him or her to find an explanation for his or her behavior or mode of action, which indicates not only a lack of control, but above all a lack of understanding of himself or herself.

Understanding oneself is necessary not only for the inner world with oneself, but also for external success, as the right direction, which corresponds to the nature of man, can give a man the opportunity to go the easy way, which is peculiar to man.

Find a job that suits you and you will not have to work a day.

In order to find a job that suits you, you need to understand yourself, it is not enough just to want it or think about it. A person’s life is like a movement, and in movement a person is able to define the difficult and easy, comfortable and uncomfortable. As long as man does not act, he is not able to evaluate something from the point of view of reality, because human assumptions that do not relate to reality are just an illusion in the head of man.


Though it is necessary for the man to acquire theoretical experience in order to understand himself, nevertheless the priority will be action which would allow the man to try this or that kind of activity, way, manner of behavior, way of action, daily routine and various other forms of manifestation of individuality of the man which would reflect the essence of his personality. And the matter is not to show it for the sake of others, but the matter is that, having taken a position convenient for yourself on life which corresponds to the nature of the man, the man himself can hope for the least resistance, because it is always much easier to do what you like. Prep for gre understanding yourself

Theoretical knowledge and experience to the person is necessary to see the general picture of a human society in which there are various roles and places in a life. The absence of such knowledge and experience will not even allow a person to try this or that way of life or activity, because he simply will not know about it or will not consider it too real. When a person not only knows about certain images, but also tries this or that way of action on his own experience – he becomes able to distinguish “his” from “someone else’s”, what suits a person by nature, from what does not suit a person at all.

For this reason, the first thing a person must do in order to understand himself is to acquire theoretical knowledge and life experience that would allow him to learn about as many possible lifestyles or activities as possible. This may be knowledge about how to properly manage finances or trade on the stock exchange, which, in turn, will give a person the opportunity to try out a role, as well as philosophical knowledge, which gives a person the opportunity to live in a certain way and a certain worldview.

If a person finds a worldview close to him or her in philosophical knowledge, he or she has already come closer to understanding himself or herself and can ensure comfortable existence from the moral, moral and spiritual point of view. This will give a man a lot of positive changes in his life, as well as a sense of peace, fullness and movement towards his goal. If a man lives in a paradigm that does not correspond to his nature – he will be haunted by anxiety, a sense of meaninglessness, apathy, longing, lack of goals, quick change of views and moods, which can not give a man the opportunity to steadily progress and build their lives.

The absence of the right worldview will create instability in human life and force him to constantly change the sources of his happiness, taking a man not so much in the enjoyment of life, but in search of the pleasure of life, taking a man away from the main source of happiness – himself. Sources of a person’s happiness may be both people and activities, but if a person constantly strives to find new sources of happiness, endlessly going through them – this only shows that the person has never found his happiness in himself.

Having the right outlook will give a person a sense of inner comfort, which will give a person the ability to act despite the opinion of others. This peace is due to the fact that a person begins to deeply understand himself and his life, as well as trust yourself, which makes him the only guide in his life. It will also give the individual a sense of freedom.

Life experience will give a person a direct understanding of himself, which a person is able to reproduce on his life. Sometimes a person understands that this or that kind of activity or way of life is not what he or she needs, but the lack of experience, which would confirm this, and therefore he or she has to continue to occupy this or that kind of activity, which does not correspond to his or her nature.

At the same time, the presence of experience in which a person is engaged in an activity that is very close to his heart would help him to get closer to himself and give him the opportunity not only to better understand himself, but also to find something to do with his soul that would no longer be perceived by man as work, but would become a natural, pleasant daily activity to which he is willing and willing to devote his life. Man needs the experience of natural attraction by one or another type of activity in order to understand himself. In this case, the person will know firmly that in this particular case he will not only succeed, but also be happy.

How prep for gre understand yourself?

In order to understand yourself, a person must live very carefully and actively within himself. The man must carefully observe his own reactions to certain relationships, actions, manners of behavior. A human being should listen to others and develop his natural talents, which are manifested in him since childhood or try to occupy the roles which he naturally occupied in childhood. Some people take the leadership position at an early age, some play the role of teachers, trying to teach something to others, some try to make friends with everyone and somehow benefit from it. There are many roles in the children’s world, not to mention adult roles.

Theoretical knowledge and experience will help you understand yourself, but the most important thing is to try different activities, roles, behaviors, speeches, or behaviors that are consistent with human nature and comfortable inside. A person who wants to understand himself or herself should get rid of his or her mechanical way of doing things, of his or her communication and action habits, and seek to act in the way he or she wants to act or speak, rather than in the way he or she is used to.

A person who wants to understand himself or herself must somehow take the path of change, because he or she will have to try many new things and it will take some time. Sometimes self-understanding comes quickly, sometimes slowly, and it is up to the person. The more the person wants to understand himself or herself, the more he or she will have to make an effort to lose some of the qualities or traits that prevent him or her from doing so. The very desire to understand oneself means the desire for change: freedom from suffering or the pursuit of happiness. Both means change and transformation, which means getting rid of the past and attracting something new. For this reason, a person who wants to understand himself must be prepared to change and leave something behind, even if he is very attached to it.

The direct process of self-understanding – self-knowledge, consists in a careful analysis of himself, his behavior and his nature, conducting which, a person could come to the conclusion about the difference or similarity of human nature, his qualities and this or that type of activity. Human nature is determined by its qualities, which are necessary and best combined with certain activities. For example, the qualities of determination and fearlessness are necessary in emergency situations and combat operations.

The process of self-knowledge must enter into the life of a person so that he could change his life for the better. By acquiring positive qualities, revealing his talents and understanding himself better, the person will become happier and will get rid of many sufferings and obstacles in his life. Human nature has a certain form, which has its place in life, but in most cases, it is difficult to imagine the similarity of the form of human nature and the place it should occupy, and therefore the process of self-knowledge should not only consist in the thought process and observation, but also in trying to engage in a certain type of activity that may suit man.

A person should look for the kind of activity that pleases him or her both in the process of activity and at the end. If the work itself and its fruits bring happiness and a sense of fullness to a person, it may indicate the similarity of human nature and this type of activity. Absence of stress and fatigue, as well as the natural process of involvement, are also significant indicators of similarity between human nature and that of work. Is gre hard but maybe.


Understanding oneself in psycho-emotional terms lies both in the process of analysis and in the process of working on oneself. Here it is very important to understand that it is not so important to understand one’s own negative and positive aspects, but to strive to get rid of the former and to cultivate the latter. A person also needs to act for this purpose because only in action these qualities are manifested. A person will never know about his bravery or cowardice until he finds himself in a difficult situation, he will never know about his innate eloquence if he does not communicate with people. Therefore, interaction with people based not on mechanical but on conscious relations is one of the conditions for a deep understanding of oneself.

Understanding one’s inner world also lies in the sphere of interaction with oneself. It is not so much a question of analyzing and working on oneself, but of interacting with one’s inner world as with another person. This approach allows the individual to see himself in more detail and depth from the outside, to understand his motives, fears, desires, and reasons for his actions. In this way the person can become honest with himself, which will destroy a lot of illusions that create around the person a lot of unpleasant and inexplicable situations that give the person a lot of anxiety.

An understanding person
A person who wants to understand himself must realize that the process of self-knowledge will take a certain amount of time and effort. Depending on how well a person invests in this effort and time, in this way he will be understood by himself and rewarded with self-awareness, which promises him happiness, peace and freedom from internal diseases. The process of self-knowledge in addition to the fruits of interesting in itself and is able to give a person not only a new look at the world and peace within themselves, but also to give a person a new impetus to an interesting life in which will be bright and easy. Good luck.