How do you learn to speak slowly

When a person talks, swallowing the endings of words and being confused by the speed of sounds, it can be difficult to understand. It is not surprising that among people who work in management and service, the ability to speak slowly, reaching out to the person every word is valued. The skill of confident, calm communication is also useful for those who would like to learn to get acquainted with the opposite sex without problems.

Take a voice recorder or cell phone and talk any text at your usual pace. For example, imagine talking to your mom or telling a friend the content of a movie. Listen to the recording and be objective about how fast your voice is and how many speech errors you make. Answer yourself if it’s easy for a stranger to understand your speech. In the end, decide whether you can learn to speak slowly and clearly on your own or if you will have to see a speech therapist.
Try an exercise known since Demosfen. Namely: type sea pebbles into your mouth (if it’s not there, chocolate-covered raisin-like drage will help) and, standing in front of a mirror, slowly and distinctly pronounce a text, for example, read a poem or proverbs. Do the exercise daily by recording the results on a dictaphone, then listen to the recording and note the progress.
Open the book and read it out loud for a while. It should take at least two to three minutes for you to read one standard book page. Initially do the exercise aloud, and after a few days start reading to yourself, remembering to look at your watch.

How do you learn to speak slowly

Sing out loud as much as possible, making sure you sing clearly and distinctly all the endings of words. If you’re not shy, go to the karaoke bar. Choose slow rhythm songs, such as Russian folk songs, get used to their measured pace. If you can’t sing, or don’t want to, beat the rhythm with your foot while talking, trying to speak in tune with your movements and not to lose the rhythm.
Develop your tongue muscles by doing simple speech therapy exercises. Give your tongue the shape of a boat, lick your lips wide around the circumference as if you were licking jam from them. Turn your tongue into a tube and move it forward and backward with your mouth open. Pull out the tip of your tongue to the palate. Repeat all movements 10 to 15 times daily.
If your own attempts fail, contact a speech therapist or enroll in acting courses. You will be supervised by a stage speech therapist, who will point out speech errors and choose an individual way to correct them. In addition, classes with an outsider is kept in tone.

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