How do you learn to juggle

If you’re on this page, then you’d like to learn to juggle. It’s not as difficult as it seems at first sight.
than juggling.

First, you need to find at home three objects that are close in shape to the ball and fit comfortably in your hand. Yes, yes, three potatoes, apples, oranges, bulbs – anything to make you feel comfortable. One of my friends started with three pieces of bricks, I started with three socks rolled into balls. You hardly have any special balls for juggling, but you can always buy them later, and juggling should start now before you lose interest.

You can also make balls yourself. The technology of production – on the forum.

Juggling techniques

There is a special technique with which you can learn to juggle in one hour. It is called REHORULI. I like it very much, but it will take at least a week to learn it, and in this time you will already learn to juggle by learning the traditional way. But if it doesn’t work out, make sure you get acquainted with REHORULI.

Jason Garfield, the founder of the World Juggler Association, has improved the usual method a bit, and I will rely on his recommendations in my description. Okay, here we go. For convenience, I will call the items you juggle as balls and the leading hand as right hand.
Starting position.

Stand up straight, legs shoulder-width. The arms are bent at the elbows and are parallel to the floor. Palms are directed upwards. Elbows are close to the sides, but do not press or protrude from them.
One item.

Take one ball in your hand and throw it from one hand to another. The height of the throw is slightly above eye level. Throws and catches are made at different points. The throws are closer to the middle of the body, the caught throws are on the outside. After the catch, the hand makes a semicircular movement and makes the throw.
This exercise is simple, but very important, as it lays the ground for juggling. Exercise until you are confident in throwing and catching the ball.

Two subjects

Take a ball in each hand. Make the throw with your right hand based on the recommendations of the previous paragraph, and when the ball reaches the maximum height, make the throw with your left hand. Catch the first ball with your left hand, then with your right hand with the second hand. Stop. Now repeat, starting with your left hand. Concentrate on the accuracy of the throws.

When you start exchanging balls confidently with each hand, you can do this exercise without pauses.

Three subjects

How do you learn to juggle

Take two balls in your right hand and one in your left hand. Throw one of the balls with your right hand, then make the exchange as described in the previous lesson. When the ball reaches the highest point, make another exchange. You will end up with two balls in your left hand and one in your right hand. Repeat, starting with your left hand.

After you have learned to make a double exchange, consolidate the skill by practicing until you can make a double exchange ten times in a row without dropping the ball.
Juggling three items

Now you’re ready for juggling. Do everything exactly as you did in the previous lesson, but add another throw. Practice a triple exchange until you can do it ten times in a row. After that, add another throw. Then another one, then another one, and so on. Concentrate on the accuracy of the throws all the time. A properly thrown ball will fall into your hand. One day you will feel confident and you can juggle three balls as many times as you want.

Juggling with two objects

And to make it perfectly clear, watch this video of Jason Garfield juggling with three balls:

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