Thanks to Uddiyana bandha and there is a stimulation of metabolic processes, as the organs of the abdomen, vessels, nerves and glands of internal secretion are also pulled up to the diaphragm, which has a beneficial effect on them. This technique tones the internal organs. Uddiyana bandha “flushes” the liver due to the flow of blood to it. It promotes better blood circulation in the large organs of the abdomen and a more efficient exchange of fluid between these organs and the surrounding tissues. Uddiyana bandha kindles the digestive fire. It directly affects digestion as well as the processes of assimilation and excretion. Performing this bandha strengthens the autonomous nerve bundles of the solar plexus. It massages the heart. It strengthens the diaphragm.

It’s also worth noting the positive impact of doing Uddiyana bandha as a way of conscious interaction with your body, as we focus attention on and feel your internal organs.

Given the beneficial effects it has on the body, it is not surprising that Uddiyana bandha is described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (Chapter III, shlokas 55-60) as the bandha that conquers death.

This technique is often used during asana practice, so it is important, after learning the basics, to perform it correctly without causing harm to the body. In any case, it is best to practice these yoga techniques under the guidance of an experienced instructor.