Different kinds of verbs

Not everybody knows, but the different kinds of verbs first diplomas were received not by graduates, but by soldiers of the Roman army who had served a decent time. Since then, centuries have passed, and to get privileges of various kinds one needs not good physical training, but high level of education.

The university diploma gave a lot of preferences back in the Middle Ages. But nowadays, the abundance of graduates allows employers to declare to recruiters that they do not need specialists with a diploma of this or that university. That is, the diploma itself gives less privileges, although graduates of the best universities – such as MIPT, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, which is said to be “naskhvat”. Thus, the diplomas, confirming the presence of equivalent degrees, can also be divided into prestigious and not very prestigious ones.

Why do diplomas of certain educational institutions have such a hypnotic effect on employers? The fact is that institutions that place very high demands on students can only graduate those with excellent academic performance and a high degree of commitment. These qualities are valued by employers even more than all the knowledge received in the university combined, so such specialists are ready to offer a high salary.

Does the Candidate or Doctor of Science diploma give any preferences in employment? This depends primarily on the place the person with the degree is applying for. Naturally, such math games for grade 1 a degree offers an advantage when you are employed as a university professor. And if the candidate or doctor intends to work outside of the university, such a document will not be important.

Different kinds of verbs

Previously, holders of degree degrees were entitled to a salary supplement. Now this allowance is relevant only for university teachers (for candidates of sciences the amount of the allowance is about 20 thousand rubles), but for teachers the presence of academic rank is not important now – at least on the salary is not displayed.

Separately, we should mention the diplomas that are awarded to the best participants of competitions, exhibitions, shows and all kinds of competitions. It should be noted that in most cases, such a diploma is not only an honor and respect, a cause for pride, but also a monetary award, the size of which usually depends on the level of the event. Moreover, winning various competitions gives bonuses for employment or establishing partnerships, if the competition is in any way related to the area in which its holder works.

A diploma dissertation or diploma project is also called a diploma. It is a graduate study that aims to demonstrate the skills acquired during the course of study.

Interestingly, there is one profession in Europe that has earned a name for a diploma. It is a degree of a certified engineer or Diplom-Ingenieur. This degree was established by Emperor Wilhelm II, when the engineering profession was very prestigious. Since then, much has changed, there were other, no less important positions. In Russia, engineers receive the usual diplomas of specialists, and in Europe, contrary to all the canons of the Bologna Agreement, engineers remained a separate academic degree – they were not divided into bachelors and masters.

Choose a university and study, or acquire other prestigious diplomas. They are sure to be of benefit to you. Just remember that the knowledge and achievements behind these diplomas are important first.