Do in the morning. Any comfortable sitting position is suitable. Lesson: 3 sets of 10 cycles, between them exhale, hold after exhalation, Jalandhara-bandha (“Throat lock”) to increase the beneficial effect. Having mastered pranayama as it turns out, try to “play with your stomach”: breathe in the lower parts of the lungs (“belly”), the upper ones (“chest”, “collarbones”), the full volume of the lungs – the effect is different. Lower breathing in Bhastrika is most beneficial. The top one is the easiest. Full has the most powerful effect on the mind – stops it – and I would not recommend this technique to those who have just started yoga

This pranayama is the most accessible hypoxic training without special equipment; creates conditions for the body similar to staying in the middle and high mountains, which is very beneficial for health (proven! See “moderate training hypoxia”), especially if you do this technique every day.